Eva Hot & cold

Technical Specification

Product Ewa Hot & Cold
Purification Capacity 60 liters/minute
Max. Duty Cycle 720 Liters/Day
Filter Cartridges Sediment
Pre activated Carbon
UF Membrane (0.01 micron)
Post activated carbon
Auto-Flushing No


Filtration System(UF) 4 Filters 4 Steps
(particulate/Sediment/ uf/activated carbon)
Capacity 3.0L/Min.
Water flow Cold 2.0L/ Min.
Hot 1.8L/Min.
Specification Tank Capacity Cold 3L
Hot 2L
Material Anti-bacterial stainless water tank
Cold 100W
Hot 350W
Dimension(W * L * H) 260*482*505mm
Weight 19.00Kg
Temperature Cold 3~7°C
Hot 85°C
U.F Membrane Filmtec (UF Membrane -0.01 micron)
Min. Inlet Water Pressure 0.3 kg/cm2
Max. Inlet Water Pressure 3 kg/cm2
Dimensions L482 W260 H505 (mm)
Net Weight 19.00 kgs


  • Best suited for counter top
  • Purification by UF technology
  • Hot and cold temperature water.
  • High capacity storage tank.
  • Water purifier and temperature control dispenser.
Installation, Warranty & After-Sales Service
  • Installation shall be done free of cost at customer’s premises
  • Product warranty shall be effective from the date of installation.
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